"Art begins in imitation and ends in innovation." 

- Mason Cooley - 



The innovative project „Metamorphosis“ was awarded as best artistic project of all music and art universities of North Rhine Westphalia by the German Academy for Music and Arts (Kolleg für Musik und Kunst) in 2019. The musicians had the chance to present this concert form as part of the „students in residence“ program in Montepulciano.


The idea of the project „Metamorphosis“ is to present a modern concert form that approaches the audience both emotionally and intellectually and that includes it actively in the concert process. The wish for active participation is a social phenomenon that finds its expression in today's society. The mentioned project is an advanced classical concert form and an alternative to the traditional classical concert that is regarded outdated. It recognizes the audience as a part of the concert and seeks to integrate its thoughts and emotions. This is achieved by a selection of current topics in combination with a unique music program and an installation of videos, texts and pictures.