"Art begins in imitation and ends in innovation." 

- Mason Cooley

Projects & Programs


In 2019 the innovative project "Metamorphose" was selected by the Kolleg für Musik und Kunst as best artistic project of all art and music colleges of Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany). The musicians had the chance to present this format at the "Students in Residence" program in Montepulciano (Italy).

the Idea behind

The idea of the "Metamorphosis" project is to present a contemporary concert format in which the audience is addressed both emotionally and intellectually and is integrated into the concert events in a participatory manner. The desire for active participation is a social phenomenon that is reflected in every area of contemporary society. The project mentioned is an alternative to the traditional classical concert, which in its format is now considered obsolete and outdated, and creates new points of contact between musicians and audience. It aims to put the audience as part of the concert and tries to integrate the thoughts and feelings of the participants into the concert. This is achieved by selecting a current topic in combination with a targeted music program, the presentation of texts, pictures and videos.


Bach with friends

Bach's world famous violin sonatas & partitas adapted by Katerina for her musical friends! Bach himself often rearranged his own works according to the circumstances given. After a long corona break, old and new musicians meet to reinterpret Bach's works together with a new spirit!

The CD production is supported by the Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of NRW. 

Plan B: Beethoven & Beyond

Happy birthday Beethoven! Everything was planned for 2020. But the birthday party could not happen as planned... This musical program shows how Beethoven could sound a bit different than we are used to listen to him and play his music. 

"From the new world"

New circumstances require new solutions: Dvorak's most famous work, the Symphony No. 9, also known as "From the New World", deals with the arrival of a composer in the land of unlimited possibilities. Katerina has rewritten the symphony for a trio instrumentation. In this way, the popular work with touching melodies can even be heard in a smaller instrumentation.