"...a unique artist of exceptional strength, who loves to perform for her audience."


- Ariadne Daskalakis -  

Upcoming & Highlights

Coming soon! New arrangement for violin solo


Surprise, surprise! It’s my great pleasure and honour to share with you my collaboration with Greek unique designer and friend @miapapa.official. The „Artemis dress“ is a key element in my next video that will come out on my YouTube Channel soon!

Ethical made and 100% finest silk from Soufli, Greece, adorned with hand-designed floor plan of Delos Amphitheater in Cyclades. 🏛

Still searching for the right summer outfit? Don’t miss out Mia’s new collection for both men and women at www.miapapa.com.


Live Concert & Recording - Novacek's "Perpetuum mobile"


No chargers for iphones needed and no gasoline stations for cars anymore! Ever thought of a never stopping machine that doesn't need neither batteries nor electricity? A mechanism with infinite energy would be the greatest invention of the future! 


Violinist and composer Ottakar Novacek was clearly inspired by that idea more than 100 years ago. He liked this idea so much that he composed a piece for violin and piano that seemingly never runs out of batteries. Therefore the violin has to play many fast semi quaver notes that could go on and on forever. It seems that the little notes are producing the required energy to make the piece "flow".


Does a Perpetuum mobile exist! What do you think?


This video is a live recording from the Online Streaming Concert with the Grand ART Ensemble. 


Antonín Dvorák: Romantic Pieces


Live Charity Concert from the Riverside Studios for the victims of war in Nagorno-Karabakh. It was a great pleasure to share the stage with other musician friends like Anna Karapetyan, SIGNUM Saxophone Quartet, Nare Karoyan, Florian Noack and many others.


The romantic pieces by A. Dvorak are little gems in the violinistic repertoire. Every time I'm asked to play a heartfelt song I often choose this classical evergreen. 


W. A. Mozart: Aria from the Magic Flute - Queen of the night


The latest video with my arrangement of Mozart's world famous aria of the Queen of the Night is out now! For all those who are keen of playing this arrangement, too, go to my Patreon page. The score is waiting for you there!


US Debut at Carnegie Hall


I'm thrilled to announce that I have been selected as 1st price winner of the Golden Classical Music Awards 2020 and received the opportunity to play my debut at the Carnegie Hall in New York!


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Support me on Patreon and get some great arrangements for violin!  There are also some other surprises waiting for you!


"Metamorphosis" announced best innovative concert format of all universities for arts in NRW 


Kolleg für Kunst und Musik Montepulciano has selected my designed concert format "Metamorphose" as best innovative concert. As an artistic director and musician I am happy to present it at the European Academy for Music and Arts in Montepulciano (Italy) together with Nil Kocamangil, Yuichi Sasaki and Yili Niu.


Maria Theresia von Paradis: Sicilienne


I lately recorded and produced a music video with music written by female composer Maria Theresia von Paradis. Special thanks to 2719.design for the great camera work. 


J. S. Bach arrangement for violin & pedalboard


This is an arrangement of the Preludio by J. S. Bach written initially for violin solo. Bach himself arranged his music many times for more than one player. I play this version with violin, a pedalboard & three effect pedals by Boss, electro-harmonix, Fame, Whammy & L.R. Baggs.


Live Online Charity Concert for Peace 


A charity concert recorded at the wonderful Riverside Studios in Cologne with many other great musicians like pianist Anna Karapetyan, Signum Saxophone Quartet, Florian Noack, Nare Karoyan, Judith Hoffmann & Arash Rokni. 


Price winner concert at the Acropolis museum 


Happy to be the overall prize winner of the Muse International Music Competition 2018 and thrilled to be playing at the Acropolis museum in Athens. 


2nd European Salon at the State Chancellery of Hessen


Invited by the minister of European affairs, Mrs. Lucia Puttrich, I represented Greece at the 2nd European Salon of the State chancellery of Hessen. Warmhearted thanks to Maria Zissi, the Greek Consul General in Frankfurt, for her passionate commitment and the effort.


Debut at Philharmonie Köln 


This has been a very special evening at the Philharmonie Köln with the "Rheinisches Kammerorchester Köln". It was my debut at the Philharmonie Köln as well as the premiere of my own cadenzas written for the 4th violin concerto by W. A. Mozart.


Final round with the DSO


Announced finalist of the violin competition "Ton und Erklärung" organized by the Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft BDI ! It was an unforgettable experience to play with the fantastic Deutsches Symphonieorchester Berlin!


Prize winner concert for the Alois Kottmann Prize 


I feel really honoured to receive the Alois Kottmann Prize by great violinist Alois Kottmann himself at the city hall of Frankfurt a. M. 


P. Glass violin concerto with the Ballet and Philharmonic Orchestra Bremerhaven


The violin concerto of P. Glass combined with a dance production by Sergei Vanaev and the Philharmonic Orchestra Bremerhaven under the baton of Ektoras Tartanis.


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